Severance Foods, Inc. produces a large variety of tortilla chips being distributed worldwide.

Severance Foods, Inc.

We specialize in creating new products unique to their category. Our plant is Non-GMO Project Verified, Organic Certified, Kosher Certified (Kof-K and OU), HACCP approved, and SQF Level II. Let us help you grow your brand.

About Us

Founded in 1984, Severance Foods has developed into one of the most respected specialty contract producers of tortilla chips. The company draws from experience in the corn-based tortilla and tortilla chip sector. With over 90 ingredients, the company has the advantage of being able to produce an ever-changing assortment of tortilla chip shapes and flavors. Experimentation and rapid expansion has made them one of the fastest growing specialty chip producers in the industry. Logistically, Severance is located within 500 miles of 1/3 of the U.S. economy creating a great advantage in the freight arena.



Producing over 200 different products, Severance Foods has the insight retailers need to offer a line of tortilla chips that will bring excitement to their customers. With product lines at various pricing levels, Severance can offer a brand that suits your target market.

Severance can offer these capabilities to its customers:

  • Strong product development team.
  • Full time Quality Assurance team and modern equipment to offer excellent product.
  • Our manufacturing plant is Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) certified, which includes SQF Level 2 certification.
  • We can offer feedback on packaging designs and structures.
  • Strategically located in the Northeast to service the densely populated East Coast and Canadian markets.



The Process

It is the process that sets us apart. Each step in the process is monitored and controlled by our trained Quality Control staff. All employees are continually trained in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) with the final goal to produce the freshest and most flavorful chips possible.




Our product line is as large as the imagination of our customers. We produce chips under various brand names. Please contact us with your ideas. We have the advantage of being able to do short runs as well as producing your entire product line. The packaging is as varied as the companies we serve and is designed for maximum freshness.

Severance deliberately sets itself apart from the mainstream tortilla chip producers. It is for that reason that customers come to us.

New customers often come to our facility to work hand in hand in the development of their products.

We cook all our Tortilla Chips in 100% vegetable oil that is cholesterol-free and contains no trans fat. All products are Certified Kosher and Certified Gluten Free.

Our organic products are certified so by the Natural Food Certifiers.


Private Label & Co-manufacturing

Severance works closely with multiple retailers and brands to produce private label tortilla chips. 

With over 30 years of experience we stay on top of the latest snack food and dietary trends to ensure the products you offer resonate with the creative consumers of today. Our advanced equipment lets us produce a wide variety of flavor profiles and package sizes that will meet the demands of your clientele.



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